The best places in Kolkata for savouring biryani
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There are different types of biryani, like Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknowi biryani and Bombay biryani; and then there is Kolkata biryani that is famous for the use of potato and light mix of spices. It is said that Kolkata biryani is a modified version of Lucknowi biryani. In 1856, when Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was exiled to Kolkata, he brought his cook along with him. At that time, meat was a luxury for poorer households of Kolkata and hence was replaced by potatoes. Gradually, this type of biryani became popular in the City of Joy. Presently, meat is also served with it. Another thing that sets Kolkata biryani apart from others is that it is relatively light on spices. Today, there are several restaurants in the city that offer different types of biryani. Whether it is Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Aminia, Arsalan or Zeeshan, the delicious Kolkata biryani has a lasting aftertaste. We have compiled a list of some of the best places in Kolkata for savoring biryani.




A visit to the renowned Zeeshan is a must for all biryani lovers. Among all the Mughlai dishes served here, the one dish that makes it way the most to the table from the kitchen is the delicious biryani. Whether it is chicken or mutton, the meat is so succulent that it almost melts in the mouth. The rice is equally well cooked with aromatic saffron and spices.



Well, if you thought that Nizam’s is only popular for its kathi rolls, it’s time that you change your perception. Situated in New Market, the restaurant serves lip-smacking Kolkata biryani—one of the best in the city. At any given time of the day, it might be difficult for you to find an empty place here. And on weekends, you might have to wait in a queue.


Aminia Restaurant

One of the legendary restaurants that serve Mughlai food in the City of Joy, Aminia is popular for its delectable Kolkata biryani. Operating since 1947, the restaurant recently opted for renovation and now has two floors to serve its valuable customers. The ground floor is the normal section serving lower priced food while the air-conditioned first floor with better interiors is preferred by families and a more sophisticated crowd.


Arsalan Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Kolkata biryani then do visit Arsalan. Serving Kolkatans for over a decade now, the restaurant is a great place to relish biryani. While the interiors of the restaurant might not be that appealing, the lip-smacking dish makes up for it completely. As you step in the restaurant, it might be difficult to find a customer who may not have ordered biryani.

SHIRAZ GOLDEN RESTShiraz Golden Restaurant


Serving the citizens for more than three decades now, it goes without saying that the Shiraz Golden Restaurant is one of the best places in Kolkata for Mughlai cuisine. The Kolkata Biryani (with potato) is almost synonymous with this restaurant. Mughlai cuisine. The Kolkata Biryani (with potato) is almost synonymous with this restaurant.